Neasa has returned with a new music project, more fabulous and match-fit than ever, viewing the world from the top of a mountain!

Irish singer and songwriter Neasa is one of those special artists that can captivate audiences from the get-go. Equal parts vivid theatrical performer, absorbing vocalist, and passionate advocate of freedom of expression, Neasa began her life in music in the mid-1980s with the cult Irish rock band, Hidden Fears. It is through her solo work in the intervening years, however, that she has gained an enviable reputation as a communicative live artist that delivers visibly pulsating performances.

“I have a deep passion in expressing songs emotionally,” says multi-award winning Neasa. “This draws people into the performance, taking them on what is a theatrical and emotional journey. People have told me they feel lighter, happier after seeing a show.”

Combining varying music styles and influences – from folk and jazz to pop and classical – with narrative-driven lyrics, the end result covers a wide range that Neasa tackles with her usual degree of flair and confidence. Her latest creative venture is the release of new music, which epitomises not only her sense of innate creativity but is also symbolic of personal discovery. For further information read more here.

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Rain – Neasa De Baróid

The distinctive vocal style of Neasa with a voice that is operatic in range. More than music, this is theatre. – Hot Press Magazine, Ireland.

Why do your tunes get stuck in my head? Earworm tunes!!!

Neasa is such a singer that one feels she can adapt her rich mature voice to any material she chooses. A great part of her charm is the very expressive manner in which she performs the material. – Irish Examiner.

Careful, you too could be spellbound by Neasa. – David Gillan, In FolkUs Magazine, Adelaide.